JIRA Editor


Quick styles

Use the “Quick Styles” feature to improve the readability of your tasks and bugs with a few mouse clicks. Apply styles to texts, paragraphs, tables, blocks and lists. Change styles on the fly.


It’s easy to guarantee the quality of your descriptions by using the “Insert Template” feature. Your corporate designer can create pieces of HTML that can be reused again and again, spreading a common design line over your pages.

Folding support

JIRA Editor supports folding. Folding blocks are great when there’re too much data in the description. Folding is a mechanism allowing to hide and reveal blocks of text.


Pictures like screenshots, diagrams and mockups are essential to bring life to the description. With JEditor you can now insert your media right into the content with a few clicks. You can upload files from your local disk or provide a direct link.


There is no better way to explain and demonstrate data information than using tables. With JEditor it is now fun to work with massive tables. Users can create tables and change them on the fly with mouse clicks, as well as design them to better present their contents.


JIRA Editor autosaves your content while your are editing. With the “Restore” feature you never have to recreate your description from scratch. Use the “Restore” feature if you lost your content for any reason.

Over 50 tools

JEditor is a complete solution for JIRA text editing. It provides rich editing experience right out of the box. Created with productivity in mind, JEditor helps your team to perform better.

Advanced settings

JEditor comes with default settings to suit most users, however if you need more you can always change the configuration. The behavior of the editor and the set of tools are totally configurable.


Sometimes it is better to express users’ concept with a picture instead of text inside of the description. JIRA Editor comes with a set of exclusively designed express graphics that can be freely and easily used for that.

Right To Left

Not all people and cultures read from “left to right”, like in English. Several languages are read from “right to left” instead, like Arabic, Farsi or Hebrew. For those users, JEditor will also render from right to left, making them feeling at home.

Safely undo

The best way to learn and understand an application and its features is by using them. With JIRA Editor you don’t need to be worried, because every single action can be safely reverted, guaranteeing that you’ll never break things or lose your texts.


JIRA Editor is compatible with all modern browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9+ and Safari. JEditor supports JIRA 6.0+. Google Chrome is recommended for the best user experience.

30 day free trial

We are happy to offer you a free, no risk, no obligation 30-day trial